Why Do We Need Healthcare Education?

Edgar Radjabli earned his healthcare scholarship in dental surgery. The healthcare education helped him to start a business and spend a healthy and prosperous life. Furthermore, he was concerned about this healthcare routine and performed exercise daily. Everyone needs healthcare education to earn knowledge skills and positive aspects of health. Healthcare departments are classified into various fields that allow students to accomplish their life goals. Health education is associated with emotional, social, mental, and psychical health. The education provokes the student to maintain and improve their health by preventing diseases and reducing risky behaviors. The curriculum and instruction of health education encourage the students to learn basic skills and spend a healthy life of their choice.

Knowledge and attitudes:

According to the literature, it was determined that health education is concerned with building attitudes and knowledge about health. Health is not the only focus of health education, but it focuses on mental, physical, social, and emotional health. Every government should incorporate health education to build motivation among the students regarding health education. Educating students about health education is crucial as it provokes inspiration. In this way, it creates good health and prevents diseases and risky behaviors. Implementing health education in schools makes it easy for the students to acquire a healthy life choice to grow older and continue throughout their lives. Furthermore, it helps the students understand the dangers of drugs, smoking, and alcohol. More than half population are addicted to drugs and alcohol, leading to diseases and injuries like diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, and obesity.

Awareness and lifestyle: 

Health education is directly related to a healthy lifestyle and creates awareness. Health education covers mental, physical, emotional, and social health. The primary focus of health education is to teach all age groups people about diet and exercise to continue a healthy lifestyle. It promotes positive change and behaviors within society by lowering the risk of drug and alcohol addiction. The majority of schools wished to teach health education to students through various courses and curriculum. All these courses are linked to healthy eating, exercising, body and sex. Some schools like to teach health education at the early stages to create essential awareness among students. However, more in-depth courses are taught in middle and high school. Unlike other things, health education allows the person to stay mentally and physically fit.

Duties and responsibilities: 

Compared to an unhealthy person, a healthy person enjoys life thoroughly. A healthy person is more prone to completing duties and responsibilities. In a family and nation, a healthy person is considered an asset. He is always full of energy and seems more pleasant and happier. Furthermore, he makes healthy choices and avoids unhealthy habits. As various authors explain, a healthy body keeps a healthy mind and makes the right choices at the right time. Still, some areas are not aware of health educations and its advantages. Government should take appropriate steps to employ health education and induce a healthy lifestyle to deal with duties and responsibilities.

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