Edgar Radjabli

Dental surgeon and Entrepreneur

Born in Russia, Edgar and his family came to Canada as refugees and eventually made their way to the United States.  Dr. Radjabli is fluent in 3 different languages and has experienced many different cultures through his life.

From a young age, Edgar learned the value of working hard, which has helped him throughout his life.  He always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, and even founded his first company while attending dental school at the University of Maryland.  This business, TE Demographics, targeted dentists and doctors to provide analytic data for what the best locations would be to open a new practice.

After graduating from dental school, Edgar opened up his own practice which focused on dental implants, but because of his injury he now works with investments.  Although inactive as a dental surgeon, Edgar remains passionate about dentistry and stays informed and tuned in to the industry.

Upon graduating from dental school, Edgar launched his own dental practice which specialized in dental implants.  Currently, his dental practice is inactive because of an unfortunate car accident from which he is still recovering.  He currently works with investments, but is forever passionate about dentistry and still keeps up to date and remains active in the healthcare industry as well.

Dr. Edgar Radjabli's Credentials

Personal Life

  • Born in Moscow, Russia (Soviet Union)
  • Immigrated to Quebec, Canada as a child
  • Moved to the USA
  • Fluent in 3 Languages

education background

  • Bachelor of Science, University of Virginia
  • Dental School, University of Maryland

Professional Experience

  • Founder at TE Demographics
  • Founder and Dental Surgeon at Dr. Edgar M. Radjabli, DDS
  • Investment Manager at Total Equity Capital
  • Founder at ACM

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