Edgar Radjabli

Scholarship for Future Healthcare Professionals

The Edgar Radjabli Scholarship provides current students studying healthcare, or prospective high school students who plan to study in the healthcare field with a chance to be awarded a $1,000 scholarship towards education and tuition expenses.

Who Can Qualify?

The Edgar Radjabli Scholarship for Future Healthcare Professionals is available for all current university students who are currently studying healthcare, or high school students who plan to study healthcare when they attend university. If you are interested to learn more and see if you qualify, click the link to apply.


Edgar Radjabli

edgar radjabli

Dr. Edgar Radjabli

Boca Raton, Florida Dental Surgeon and Entrepreneur

Dr. Edgar Radjabli is a dental surgeon currently residing in Boca Raton, Florida.  Dr. Radjabli has a DDS from The University of Maryland Dental School, and previously owned his own practice which specialized in dental implants.  Edgar was injured in a crash which is prohibiting him from currently practicing, but he is still passionate about healthcare and wants to give back to a new generation of students.

Learn More About The Scholarship

If you are a current healthcare student at a university in the United States, or a prospective high school student who plans to study healthcare when attending university, you may qualify for the Edgar Radjabli Scholarship for Future Healthcare Professionals.  Good luck to all the applicants, we wish you all the best!


Money Awarded Towards Your Education

The pressure for students to succeed along with the rising education costs can be a lot to handle for students in today’s education environment. Edgar Radjabli would like to give a little back to a deserving student who could use the help to pay towards his or her tuition.

The Edgar Radjabli Scholarship is awarding $1,000 to a single student who meets the criteria.  To find out more, click the apply link and see if you qualify.


Learn More About The Edgar Radjabli Scholarship

If you are a student and have any questions regarding the Edgar Radjabli Scholarship, feel free to contact us to find out more or to see if you qualify.  To apply, just follow the instructions on the Apply link to enter your essay in the contest.

Financial Aid Departments who which to feature the scholarship can contact us also through the contact page.  Thank you!


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